About us

FIORI GROUP, with headquarter in Finale Emilia (MO) Italy, designs, develops and manufactures off-road Concrete Batching Vehicles and Dumpers for the construction industry. The company’s product portfolio is rounded off by the Group capabilities in finding the most effective solution for any customer in making and transporting concrete on-site with a great flexibility, minimizing energy costs and reducing environmental impact.

Every day, thousands of cubic meters of concrete are mixed, transported and poured in many different building sites across the world through the FIORI GROUP’s products, particularly in Piling, Foundation, Concrete products, Industrial & Residential buildings, Municipalities & Urban Infrastructures, Railways, Roads, Bridges, Canal Lining, Irrigation, Tunneling, Mining and Concrete Supplying.

company_highSince being founded in 1942, when Mr. Fioravante Malavolta decided to use ex-military parts for designing and manufacturing vehicles for the building sector and road maintenance, FIORI GROUP has kept its focus in this business with the aim to deeply understand and satisfy customer’s needs. It was this attitude that led the company in 1965 to the creation of a vehicle that could simultaneously produce, transport and cast concrete : the Self-Loading Concrete Mixer.

For the last 70 years FIORI GROUP has streamlined its technological innovation, production processes, after-sales services, relationships with dealers and suppliers in designing and providing solutions to make on-site and on demand concrete with the right quality and quantity.
Our efforts are not only aimed on selling our products, but together with our customers, we want to produce systems capable to offer alternative solutions to every day problems that arise on building sites, with the ambition of reducing costs and environmental impact.
Whether in Italy or in a faraway country, we always give our customers the attention they deserve: assistance, consultancy, clarifications, suggestions and coaching.

We are the “concrete” people who aim concrete results!