The Quality of its products and services, Environmental protection and occupational Health and Safety are the primary values and strategic objectives of Fiori Group S.p.A., making them an essential component in the development of its activities and the running of its facility, as well as in terms of public relations.

With this in mind, Fiori Group S.p.A. decided to establish an Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, enabling precise, defined and standardized management of its processes and therefore of the quality of the products and services offered to its customers. It is also believed that the development of activities should be sustainable and compatible with the surrounding environment and with the health and safety of the personnel it manages. It is also considered that an integrated management system can be a valuable tool for continual comparison and improvement, maintaining the right balance between social, environmental and financial responsibility.

In compliance with these principles, Fiori Group S.p.A. aims to:

  • guarantee efficiency and effectiveness in the performance of processes within its facility as part of an approach of continual improvement, to respond to the explicit and implicit expectations of its customers and to the provisions set out in the relevant legislation, through the allocation of tasks, responsibilities and working methods organized into procedures, which still allow the flexibility that is typical of the current structure to be maintained
  • increase the level and quality of the standards of its products and services, reducing customer complaints and clarifying their expectations in advance, including in reference to leading companies in the industry
  • guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of outsourced processes
  • maintain compliance of all its activities with national and EU legislation, in particular in relation to product safety, the environment, and occupational health and safety
  • promote and put in place any reasonable initiatives aimed at minimizing risks and at removing the causes that can put the health and safety of its personnel and other on-site workers in danger
  • promote sustainable development from an environmental point of view through activities aimed at:
  • developing a duty of care and ongoing commitment to improving the performance of its production facilities through a reduction in discharges to air, soil and water
  • using natural resources responsibly and carefully
  • preventing and reducing the volume and hazard of waste
  • carrying out prior assessment of the environmental, health and safety impacts of any new activities, processes and products, with the aim of preventing pollution, accidents and occupational illnesses
  • developing a constructive collaborative relationship marked by full transparency and trust, both internally and with the general public as well as with the authorities, in relation to the management of environmental, health and safety issues

Being aware that in order to achieve the objectives reported above the active involvement of all its personnel and partners is of the utmost importance, Fiori Group S.p.A. will continuously develop the flow of information, awareness-raising and specific training both inside and outside the company.

The present policy will be the benchmark for periodic reviews aimed at assessing the results achieved and identifying new targets in line with the company’s approach of continual improvement of its Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety.