This vehicle is extremely versatile, with unrivalled performance in restricted spaces such as narrow alleyways in city centres, lanes or alleys, or tunnels, and provides the ideal solution when driving reversibility, visibility and safe manoeuvrability are absolute necessities for transport of materials. This is the most compact vehicle of its segment (4,000 kg capacity, 180° pan rotation and three-way dumping). FIORI GROUP dumpers guarantee perfect traction and manoeuvrability on rough terrains, while also ensuring driving safety, flexible and user-friendly in both directions (forward and reverse).

Great stability and articulated frame. The front oscillating differential axle ensures excellent stability even at full load on difficult and rough tracks. Thanks to the double jack controlling the frame articulation, manoeuvring is fast and easy.

Reinforced high resistance dump body with SAE heaped capacity of 2.7 m³, 180° rotation and hydraulic tilting.

ROBS FOPS cabin with 180° driving reversibility for increased visibility and controls accessible from the ground. Unbeatable manoeuvrability and off-road stability.