Unique among self-loading concrete mixers, this highly compact, agile, economic version vehicle ensures a yield of 4.0 m³ of concrete and a daily productivity rating of up to 90/100 m³. The vehicles belonging to the DB 460 range, used as an alternative to
small and medium-sized concrete-mixing systems, are endowed in any case with the characteristics of extreme mobility, flexibility and autonomy. Driving reversibility, control of the concrete mix, 360° unloading and optimal visibility from the cockpit (no need to leave the cockpit), all allow the operators to use the DB 460 B in full safety while obtaining maximum production efficiency. Ideal for all applications, the DB 460 B is an affordable, particularly reliable, vehicle.

The Fiori Batch Controller is a real onboard computer that allows recording multiple recipes with different components that can be memorized. What’s more, it guides the operator during mix design preparation, guaranteeing a high dosing precision, homogeneity in the materials and in concrete strength.

The equipment on the CBV includes a sophisticated dosing system, instantaneous and final control on the quality of the concrete, including a proportional indication of the obtainable SLUMP. The humidity percentage can be input and the load automatically recalculated so that the water/cement ratio remains constant. The printing of a specific report makes the concrete produced certifiable for any organization, purchaser, works management, or project manager.

Equipped with a MIX CONTROL F6000 system to manage, program and control water input into the drum. The mixing/unloading functions are always available to the operator both in the cabin and on the ground. The MIX CONTROL can also be used to hydraulically raise the chute and to stop the thermic engine. Electronic litre counter to dose the additives with two tanks for total 30 litres.

Producing concrete at the moment of use allows for maximum performance of the cement hydration process, therefore avoiding the typical deterioration phenomena connected with climatic factors, excessive mixing, transport times, and inevitable building site operations interruptions. The proximy sensor detects the data required to obtain the requested slump.

The special loader facilitates the introduction of materials thanks to Z-shaped kinetic motion easily controlled by the operator using a joystick servo controller. A dedicated hatch allows excess material to run off with decrement weighing before pouring in the drum.