When mobility, stability and agility are absolute necessities in a vehicle used for transporting concrete, there can be no better choice than the DB 560 T off-road concrete mixer. Its impressive off-road performance is achieved thanks to its low weight, hydrostatic drive and 4WD with four-wheel steering. The DB 560 T is therefore an excellent all-terrain vehicle. Thanks to its unique driving reversibility, the DB 560 T is the ideal means for transport of concrete in tunnels, mines and impracticable areas with limited room for manoeuvre. During transport, thanks to the double-cone drum, double helix and convex bottom, constant and homogeneous quality is ensured, with no disaggregation of concrete

The reversible driver’s seat in the closed cabin, which is equipped with ROPS and FOPS protection, allows the operator to enter and exit comfortably in confined spaces without manoeuvring the machine.

The special double truncated- cone-shaped drum with convex bottom and internal dual-screw mixing system allows maintaining optimal mixing and homogeneity of the mix during transport.  Unique in its category, this machine allows the transport of up to 5.5 m3 of concrete.

Maintenance and cleaning of the drum is facilitated by the ladder provided and by the ease of access to the water controls that can be operated from the ground.

Mobility on building sites and especially in sites with limited access is often a critical factor. That is why the DB 560 T by FIORI GROUP is therefore equipped with a camera and in-cabin display to give the operator a better view during material unloading operations.

Thanks to its height of only 3 metres, the 4 steering wheels (with three steering options) and the reversible driver’s seat, the vehicle can move easily in confined spaces such as tunnels, mines, caves, underground railways, hydroelectric plants, and canal works. Moreover, the front steering oscillating differential axle, together with the larger tyres and the high pressure automotive hydrostatic transmission, facilitates driving and equipment checks on any terrain.