With a capacity of 1.0 m3 per batch, the DB X10 is the most powerful and compact front-loading version of self-loading concrete mixers. Offering unparalleled agility, this model also provides great comfort for the operator thanks to the exceptionally spacious cab featuring glazing. Since its conception, the DB X10 was designed as an alternative to manual mixers, setting itself apart from this kind of mixer in terms of both concrete productivity and quality. The DB X10 is the ultimate embodiment of a self-loading concrete mixer.

The high pressure hydrostatic transmission designed for the automotive industry combined with differential axles (rear rigid swing axle and front steering axle) with epicyclic reduction gears on the wheel hubs, assure full handling and manoeuvrability of this 4×4 vehicle on any terrain. With their front wheel-drive and steering, the DB X10 concrete mixers feature dramatically reduced dimensions, full handling and outstanding stability resulting from their low centre of gravity. Thanks to their handling, ease of use and compactness, the DB X10 concrete mixers do not require any drum rotation system.

The fixed loader with automatic unloading hatch facilitates and optimises loading of materials and at the same time prevents any losses during their introduction into the drum. The standard grab bucket has a 340 liters capacity and assures high productivity, great accuracy during inert materials dosing and, what’s more, facilitates concrete loading from the upper hatch.

The special double truncated cone-shaped drum with convex bottom and dual-screw mixing system results in improved material homogenisation and quality and reduced mixing times.
DB X10 comes equipped as standard with a digital electronic litre counter designed to activate and control water inflow into the drum directly from the cabin.

This model has been specially designed to provide full handling, the best ergonomic features for the driver and the maximum comfort. The DB X10 self-loading mixers are equipped with a ROPS FOPS cabin (with glasses on three sides) installed to the left of the vehicle and provided with ergonomic controls (multifunction Joystick) to the right of the operator. Due to the position of the drum (fitted at the rear and in a slightly turned position), the DB X10 operator can enjoy an excellent visibility conditions during loading and especially during casting operations.