DB X35 (transportable in containers) is the most compact and price-worth concrete mixer with front self-loading system in its class: its small dimensions, combined with excellent handling and stability features, assure a max. performance of 3.5 m³ concrete. The wide cabin windscreen and the specially designed loading arms dramatically improve visibility during casting operations. This high-productivity self loading concrete mixer is price-worth, easy to use, features excellent daily performance (it may reach even 100 m³ of concrete) and reliability: thanks to these characteristics, it is the ideal solution for rental purposes and for maintenance operations.

The rear steering differential swing axle, together with the tyres and the high pressure automotive hydrostatic transmission, facilitates driving and machine control on any terrain. Compact and easy to handle, with 4-wheel-drive and steering, FIORI concrete mixers feature impressive off-road capabilities. Handling, excellent dynamic features and compactness (assured by the engine positioned above the rear differential axle) allow all DB X35 machines to perform with extraordinary agility off-road, thus making up for the absence of the drum rotation system.

Fixed loader with automatic unloading hatch, which facilitates and optimises material loading at the same time preventing losses when introducing the materials into the drum. The standard grab bucket has a 680 litre capacity and assures high productivity, great accuracy during inert materials dosing and, what’s more, facilitates concrete loading from the upper hatch.

The special double truncated cone-shaped drum with convex bottom and dual-screw mixing system allows better material homogenisation and quality, and at the same time reduces mixing times. DB X35 is equipped with a standard digital electronic litre counter designed to activate and control the introduction of water into the drum directly from the cabin.

Today, assuring the safety of workers is a mandatory requirement that all companies need to observe. FIORI GROUP is proud of this machine, which has been specially designed to provide full handling, the best ergonomic features for the driver and the latest safety devices available on the market. This is way all DB X35 are equipped with heated closed cabin installed to the left of the vehicle by means of silent blocks and with ergonomic controls (multifunction Joystick) to the right of the operator.

The drum fitted at the rear and in a slightly turned position, the wide cabin windscreen and the specially designed loading arms improve visibility so as to achieve the best standards. During loading, but especially during the casting operations, the DB X35 operator may enjoy the best visibility ever featured by a self-loading concrete mixer with front loading system.