Although compact, this is a high productivity vehicle. It can therefore be used
 during large-scale work, given its unrivalled agility and stability, as a four-wheel drive vehicle with articulated chassis and differential swivelling axle. The DB 180 enables independent production of top quality concrete, delivered direct to any site, whether in an urban setting or located in some remote or inaccessible area. As an economic version and user-friendly vehicle endowed with an optimal daily productivity rating (potentially over 60 m³ of concrete), the DB 180 is an ideal self-loading concrete mixer for rental business and for use in difficult maintenance work areas.

PERFORMANCE AND MOBILITY Great stability and articulated frame. The front oscillating differential axle ensures excellent stability even at full load on difficult and rough tracks. Thanks to the double jack controlling the frame articulation, manoeuvring is fast and easy.

LOADING SYSTEM Visibility, manoeuvrability and high-quality mixing thanks to the double truncated cone-shaped drum with convex bottom and dual-screw mixing system. Fixed loader with automatic unloading hatch whereby material loading is optimised and spillage prevented when introducing the components into the drum

FLEXIBILITY AND PRODUCTIVITY Ergonomics. Dual controls that can be activated both from the cabin and from the ground. Equipped with a MIX CONTROL F6000 system to manage, program and control water input into the drum. The mixing/unloading functions are always available to the operator both in the cabin and on the ground.

BITING BUCKET The optional digging bucket with a capacity of 500 litres guarantees greater productivity when loading inert material but it especially speeds up the loading of cement from the top hatch.