HS 15.0 – HS 35.0

Horizontal silos, which can be used for the storage and dosage of cement, lime, fly ash, sand, and many other materials in powder and granular, are particularly suitable for mobile construction sites. They are the perfect complement of FIORI’s Self Loading Mixers for increasing the site productivity and eliminating the dust while loading the cement. Those type of silos are easily transportable and can be simply positioned (no requirement of anchoring or building a concrete slab) thanks to its telescopic adjustable lifting legs.

FIORI’s “HS” are delivered complete with external motovibrator, air pads for fluidization, inclined unloading augers, internal self-cleaning filter, plastics water tanks, control unit and electronic weighing system with load cells (CANlink for remote control (Bluetooth) from CBV 2.0).