The BS 2.0 is designed to provide a reliable, sturdy big bag-fed cement dispenser, given how easily big bags can be transported, stored, and emptied. Offering an alternative to the HS series horizontal silos for small sites and/or areas which cannot be reached with concrete mixing transport trucks, these dispensers do not require concrete slabs or anchorage systems to be positioned, nor any special permits. If equipped with the (optional) gravimetric weighing system with load cells, the BS 2.0 dispensers can be connected, via a Bluetooth link, to the FIORI GROUP concrete mixers using the proprietary CBV 2.0 system; in this case, the mixer operator can load the amount of cement required by the specific mix formulation in use, working independently and without leaving the vehicle, and using the batching system and weighing certification feature if necessary.  BS 2.0 dispensers can conveniently be used as a connection between Fiori concrete mixers and already existing silos, thus providing the latter with the possibility of remote proportioning  concrete from mixers with weighing certification.

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