Best price and productivity are the distinguishing features of DB X50, the most priceworthy and performing concrete mixer with front self-loading system ever manufactured. With its reduced dimensions, compactness and handling, DB X50 features a top yield of 5.0 m³ concrete. The special position of the drum and the design of the arm-unloading chute system (with hydraulic lifting as standard equipment) improve visibility during casting operations. Provided with an innovative grab bucket that maximises loading operations, this product can achieve a daily productivity of 120-130 m³ concrete. DB X50 can come equipped with an exclusive computerised system for managing the CBV 2.0 production process (optional) and so obtain a certified quality concrete. Everywhere.


Compact and extremely easy to handle, thanks to their hydrostatic transmission and 4-wheel-drive and steering, the self-loading concrete mixers (with front loading system) DB X50 represent the most versatile mobile system for concrete production. Their impressive off-road performance, handling and compact dimensions (obtained by positioning the engine on top of the rear differential swing axle) allow the DBX50 to move as easily as a vehicle of a lower class.


The fixed loader with automatic unloading hatch facilitates and optimises loading of materials and at the same time prevents any losses during their introduction into the drum. The standard grab bucket has a 680 litre capacity and assures high productivity, great accuracy during inert materials dosing and, what’s more, facilitates concrete loading from the upper hatch.


The CBV version comes equipped with an exclusive and accurate dosing system (integrated in an on-board computer capable of recording multiple recipes and storing different components for each of them), as well as an instantaneous control system that also checks the final quality of the concrete produced. This system guides the operator during the preparation of the mix design, assuring high dosing precision, mix homogeneity and thus a highly resistant and strong concrete. Since the humidity percentage can be selected, the water to be pumped into the drum can be automatically compensated so that the water/cement ratio remains constant. A specific report is printed and certifies the features of the concrete produced.


The special double truncated cone-shaped drum with convex bottom and dual-screw mixing system results in improved material homogenisation and quality, and reduced mixing times.
DB X50 comes equipped as standard with a digital electronic litre counter designed to activate and control water inflow into the drum directly from the cabin.


All DB X50 concrete mixers are equipped with a large heated closed cabin, that is installed to the left of the vehicle and is provided with ergonomic controls (multifunction Joystick) to the right of the operator.The drum fitted at the rear and in a slightly turned position, the wide cabin windscreen and the specially designed loading arms improve visibility so as to achieve the best standards. During loading, but especially during casting operations, the DB X50 operator can enjoy the best visibility ever featured in the class of self-loading concrete mixers with front loading system.

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